The Three Words EP

by newspaperflyhunting

  • Limited Edition CD
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    This special EP was strictly limited to 50 copies and will never be repressed. Each copy is unique and includes a developed photograph of a different old house from the area of Bojary, Białystok, Poland.

    CD and photo in a cardboard sleeve.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Three Words EP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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CD limited to 50 copies, downloads limited to 30. Each purchase goes with a different photograph. No photo will be sent twice, so once they are gone, the EP will no longer be available.

For CDs: a developed photo goes to the buyer together with the CD.

For downloads: the photos will be sent to the buyer's email address. They are all different from the ones that go with the CD's.


There is this place in Białystok, eastern Poland, called Bojary. A district with a distinctive rural character, the heart and soul of the city, a snapshot of bygone times. Enter money, stage centre. Real estate, attractive grounds. ‘Decreasing area.’ Underhand tactics of those whose responsibility is to protect the heritage. One by one, those ‘relicts of the past’ are obliterated in accidental fires. Perpetrators are never persecuted, never apprehended, never even mentioned, handsomely paid. By a strange coincidence, housing projects sprout in the same spots. Rules are rewritten to accommodate them. Personal income dressed up as local economy. 'Deleted past.'

“Past Perfect” pays tribute to this place. Since the song appeared on “no12listen”, a few more houses have been reduced to ashes.

Never happy with how it had turned out then, we rebuilt the song, upon the existing structure, giving it a new lease of life. ‘Rebuilt in detail, replaced in parts.’ Past in the present. It can be done.

The photos show those places that still exist. In the manner of all hunted victims, the easiest way to escape is to disperse. So each of you will have a different escapee to take good care of. Photographs, volatile as they are–and themselves a medium from the past–outlive the captured objects. Songs might even be more resilient.

"The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind."
Kiran Desai

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
George Orwell


Words are with us at all times. From the moment we're born till they lay our corpses into the hollow. We learn them, utter them, hear them, think them, read them, invent them, forget them, remember them, cherish them, hate them... They make us feel thousands of different emotions.

But what is a word without an idea behind it? What is a word without a human who utters it? Does it sound the same in different mouths?

Imagine you are stranded on a word-deserted island, and all you can carry are just three words... What would they be? Would they be the ones your mother taught you? Your teacher's? A preacher's? An advertising slogan?

Imagine you have to write a three-word eulogy for your best friend, father, mother, husband or wife. What would the words be? Would it be possible to achieve?

In our modern era we look, we listen, we read, but we barely touch the surface of the word. Words become meaningless. Words become forgettable. Words become ambiguous. Words become gibberish.

Get off your fuckin phone. Start listening to one another. Mark your words, they can be a weapon or a remedy.

Get off your fuckin throne. You don't know everything. You learn till you die. Get deeper, find the golden nugget.

Choose your words wisely.

They truly deserve that.

“All words are pegs to hang ideas on.”
Henry Ward Beecher

“Words are like nets–we hope they'll cover what we mean, but we know they can't possibly hold that much joy, or grief, or wonder.”
Jodi Picoult


released August 31, 2015

Michał Pawłowski: guitars, backing vocals
Jacek Bezubik: guitars, lead and backing vocals
Gosia Sutuła-Grabowska: basses, lead and backing vocals
Krzysztof Sarna: drums
Beata Grzegorczyk-Andrejczuk: Fender Rhodes piano

Arrangements: newspaperflyhunting
Cover art and photos: Jacek Bezubik
(Digital download photos: Jacek Bezubik, Michał Pawłowski & Paulina Pawłowska-Stec)
CD art: Wojciech Czechowicz (
Concept and stories: Michał Pawłowski & Jacek Bezubik
Nov-Dec 2014 at Dobra 12 Studio by Piotr Polak (with Wojtek Zalewski) ["3 Words"]
Feb-Mar 2015 at Dobra 12 Studio by Piotr Polak ["Past Perfect"]
Jun-Jul 2011 by Wojciech Bura at his private studio ["Past Perfect"]
Produced by Piotr Polak
Mixed and mastered by Piotr Polak (with newspaperflyhunting)



all rights reserved


newspaperflyhunting Białystok, Poland

Formed in 2006 in Białystok, Poland. Prog/post/space rock. Longing, melancholy, and rays of light scattered throughout. Introspective music, disregarding trends or expectations.

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